Industrial sanitation is often complex if your operation disposes of toxic materials. Even if the materials aren't toxic, you're still faced with the logistics of disposing of large quantities of fluids, waste, and recyclable materials. You'll need a comprehensive plan in place that involves the collection and removal of waste. Hiring an industrial sanitation service is often the best choice so you can leave waste handling to the pros and devote your time where it's needed elsewhere. Here are some services the company may offer.

Determine The Type And Amount Of Waste Containers

You'll need the right type of containers on your property depending on if you dispose of liquid waste, paper products, or recyclable plastic, glass and metal. In addition, you need to know how many collection containers are needed for the amount of waste you produce daily so waste stays out of the way of your operations.

A waste management service develops a plan that places containers where they are convenient and also determines if you need containers that treat toxic waste or containers that compact paper products. A service can also bring in more containers when needed and take away extras when operations slow down so you always have just the right amount on your property to keep operations moving without overpaying.

Set Up A Recycling System

An industrial sanitation service can also help you set up a recycling system so it is easy for your employees to know what needs to be recycled and where to put the materials. You may have a sorting system on site to separate wood, plastic, glass, and metal or the management service may separate them later in a facility.

A large portion of your waste might be metal or plastic and making sure it gets recycled to be used again is important to keeping useful materials out of landfills and protecting the environment. Depending on the nature of your operations, recycling hazardous and non-hazardous waste may be regulated by the federal government or local authorities, so you want professional assistance to make sure you stay in compliance as waste is removed from your property.

Treat Toxic Materials

Industrial sanitation professionals are experienced in the proper disposal of toxic materials and they have methods for dealing with toxic solids and liquids as well as biological contamination. You'll need separate containers for the collection of hazardous waste as it cannot be mixed in with regular industrial waste. Treatment systems may be set up on your property or the hazardous waste may be hauled to a treatment site.

Some treatments that may be done include sealing liquids and treating them to make them less toxic. Adding organisms to liquids or organic materials to help decompose them, and removing mercury from waste to be recycled. In addition to the physical handling of toxic waste, the sanitation service keeps detailed records that keeps you in compliance with regulations. Contact a service, like Powell's  Trash Service , for further help.