Thinking about renting a dumpster? Maybe you already have a purpose in mind, or perhaps you've been looking on with envy at your neighbor's big, bad dumpster, and you'd like one of your very own. Regardless of your circumstances, here are several ways to put that dumpster to use, and some of them just may surprise you.

Cleaning House

Have you got the sudden urge to purge? If you're ready to clean house and get rid of all the junk that's been piling up, how about renting a dumpster to catch the trash?

Most people make piles of garbage before taking multiple trips to the dump when they decide to tackle this level of spring cleaning, but renting a dumpster can keep you from wasting time and gas on all those back and forth jaunts to your local waste management.


If you've decided to remodel your home, and you're doing it yourself instead of hiring a contractor, a dumpster is pretty much a must-have for construction trash such as old cabinets, carpet, drywall, tile, linoleum, etc. Just be sure to mention what you'll be using the dumpster for before renting so you can find a company that will recycle these materials for you.


If you're about to revamp your yard and expect that a lot of brush, trees, and plants will be removed, you might benefit from a dumpster. If you end up with just a few items that can be set aside, most cities have services that provide yard waste pickup, but large projects may demand you rent a dumpster instead. Especially if you're doing something major like tearing up a deck or patio.

Other Creative Uses

Most people think of dumpsters as giant trash collectors. But neighborhoods all over the country are putting mobile dumpsters to work in very unique ways.

  1. Classrooms. Some schools use trailers, other use mobile dumpsters to teach kids their ABCs. One school in Costa Mesa, California is doing just that as an eco-friendly solution to limited space.
  2. Work space. Why rent a separate office when you can purchase a mobile dumpster and have all the privacy you need? Toss in a desk and a lamp, and you've got the perfect getaway from all the distractions.
  3. Underground hideaway. If you've always wanted to be prepared for a major disaster, how about buying a dumpster to place underground as a bunker or hideaway? Just be sure to hire a professional for this project to ensure your bunker is safe for habitation.
  4. Garden. It sounds counterintuitive, but if you're stuck with a dumpster on your property, you could convert it to a beautiful, green garden overflowing with flowers and plants. This idea takes shabby chic to a whole new level.