Have the trash bins at your home or business been getting dirty and gross far too quickly? Dirty trash bins can give off terrible odors, and they also attract unwanted pests like cockroaches and raccoons. Having the bins cleaned on a regular basis will help keep them tidy, but there are also a few steps you can take to keep them from getting so gross in the first place.

Buy Better Bags

Trash bags that rip will quickly make your trash cans messy as liquid seeps out of the torn bag. You may think you are saving money by buying thin, flimsy bags, but you may actually be wasting money in the long run if those thin bags force you to pay more for trash bin cleaning services. Spend a few more dollars to get thick bags with real drawstrings at the top. Also, make sure you close each one tightly and position it with the top side facing upward in the trash can. It will be less likely to spill in this position.

Don't Put Liquids in the Trash

Even the best trash bags may tear occasionally, especially if they get kit on something sharp. To keep leaks to a minimum when this does happen, avoid disposing of liquids in your trash. Instead, pour liquids like leftover sauces down the drain -- as long as they are not fatty and won't clog up the sink. If you have a liquid you're not comfortable putting down the drain, put it in a plastic, lidded container and then put the container in the trash.

Keep the Lids Closed

Some people leave the lids on their trash cans open in an attempt to let the trash breath so that bad odors dissipate. However, an open trash bin is an invitation for animals like raccoons and squirrels, who may rip into the trash and make a mess of your trash can. Leave the lids on, and place a heavy rock on top to keep them on if necessary.

Don't Let Others Use Your Trash Bin

You might be careful about encasing everything in a bag before putting it in the trash, but what about people walking by? They might toss loose food scraps or the remains of a drink into the trash. Put a sign on your trash can that says "not for public use." This will dissuade most people from making a mess of your trash can.

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