If your business or home is not on a municipal sewer system, you have a septic system somewhere on the property. This is comprised of a tank and some type of absorption field. It is your responsibility to keep things running smoothly. Any time you notice the water isn't draining from your sinks, toilets, or bathtubs properly, you should have the system inspected to find out what the problem is. Here is what you can expect during a full inspection.

Check the Tank

The first thing the inspector will d is open the tank and look inside. He or she will be looking for cracks and checking the liquid level. Water will be added to the tank and the inspector will watch to make sure that the additional water does not cause the level in the tank to rise. As water enters, some should flow out. In addition, there should not be any solids floating on top of the water; they should all be at the bottom of the tank.

Tank Pumped

Next, the tank will be pumped. Once the tank is empty, the inspector will watch to see if any liquid is seeping back in from the absorption field. This will help determine if the problem is within the tank or something is wrong with the absorption field.

Absorption Field

The inspector will use a hose and add water to the absorption field to watch how well it absorbs. At this point, the additional water may flow back into the tank, which would indicate that it is not going deeper into the ground as it is supposed to do.

Flow from the House

Once the tank and absorption field have been inspected, the drains and pipes from the hose will be checked. Water will be run from all the sinks, tubs, and toilets individually. As the water goes down the drains, the inspector will watch to make sure that it is getting to the tank.

Knowing how the water is flowing and draining will tell the inspector where the problem is. While the problem could be something as simple as a clog in a pipe or vent, it could also be a damaged tank or failing absorption field. Keeping the water and sewage flowing out of your house is important to your family's and patron's health. The first step in taking care of a problem is having a full septic system inspection. Click here to investigate more.