When you have a septic tank on your property, instead of being hooked up to the public sewage line put along the street, you will need to make sure that you are fully aware of when it is time to have the tank pumped. If the pumping of the septic tank is not done properly and soon enough, you could end up with a large and toxic mess all over your yard. To help ensure that this is a problem you are going to be able to avoid, you will want to consider the following tips.

Get A Professional Consultation

If you have just moved into your home, have never dealt with a septic tank before, or you have simply never been able to figure out the pumping schedule on your own, it is time for a consultation. Call a septic tank pumping company and ask for them to come evaluate your existing tank. They will be able to determine how large your tank is. Based on that information, along with how many people are in your family and the answers to some questions you are asked, regarding things such as how often you wash clothes, you will be given an educated opinion on how often you should have the tank pumped. Of course, if you end up using a lot less or a lot more water, this will change. However, it is a very good starting point.

Keep An Eye On The Waste Water Level

You will want to find a pole or board that is long enough to reach the bottom of your septic tank if you were to slide it in through the access point. Doing this once a month can help you keep track of high full the septic tank is becoming. As it gets past the halfway point, you will want to start calling around to find someone who will be able to pump it. Never wait until your septic tank is completely full, as this could result in an overflow of septic waste water. After all, there is a chance that the septic pumping company would not be able to come out to your property immediately.

Now all you have to do is to find a local company that has the ability to come out to your home to pump your septic tank whenever it is needed. You might simply call them on an as-needed basis, or set up a reoccurring pumping schedule that they will stick to by simply coming to your property every so many months. For more information, visit websites like http://www.zebwattsseptic.com.