Planning a wedding, especially an outdoor wedding, requires attending to a ton of details. One detail that is incredibly important for an outdoor wedding is ensuring that there are bathroom facilities for guests. Luckily, there are a number of companies that rent out portable restrooms that can be used at outdoor weddings and receptions. When you think of portable restrooms, don't picture a port-a-potty-- today's portable restrooms are often just as nice as those found inside an indoor wedding venue. Use the following tips for renting portable restrooms for your outdoor wedding:

Book in Advance

If you know that you will need portable restrooms for your outdoor wedding and reception, it is in your best interest to book them as soon as you know your wedding date. Booking as far in advance as possible ensures that you will be able to find a company that has availability and offers prices that fit your budget. Booking portable restrooms early is especially important during peak summer months when many outdoor celebrations are held and the demand for portable restrooms is high.

Determine Your Needs

Portable restrooms range from basic to incredibly lavish. Almost all portable restrooms have running water and many also have electricity to keep them lit. You can also opt to rent portable restrooms that are climate controlled, have multiple stalls, and even have televisions inside. Take the time to think about the features that you want in your portable restrooms before you book.

Book the Appropriate Number of Restrooms

It is very important to consider the number of guests that you will have at your wedding and reception before booking portable restrooms. The last thing you want is to rent only one or two restrooms when you have one hundred guests. No one wants to stand in a long line for the restroom when attending a wedding reception. It is much better to have several portable restrooms available in order to accommodate your guests' needs. 

Ask About What Is Included

Before signing a rental contract, always ask about what is included when renting portable restrooms. If you are renting portable restrooms with electricity, find out if the rental company provides a generator or requires access to an electrical outlet. It is also important to ask what size water tank a portable restroom has to ensure that running water will not run out in during the middle of the reception.